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Silk Columns

These are lightweight hanging art pieces.

The silk's translucence affords an ever-changing scene as
the dyed layers pass by each other while rotating in the

or as you move around, changing your view. 

Riffing on natural phenomena — geology, outer space,
water — I enjoy suggesting that things aren't as solid as
they seem — the underlying metaphysics.

I paint imagery onto silk gauze using dyes that allow the
silk to remain translucent
and flowing. I also make opaque
objects of ceramics, wood, or other media to suspend inside.
The silk floats freely with the air, showing off the active
beauty of this medium.

Anasazi whole-web.jpg
Anasazi detail-web.jpg

Anasazi — whole, detail

Painted silk, lashed wood ladders

9'4" x 12" diameter

Collett_Kelp whole_iPh2756.jpg
Kelp upper.JPG
Kelp base-web.jpg

Kelp — whole, details

Painted silk, twine, rock

8'11" x 10" diameter

Galaxies detail-web.jpg

Galaxies — whole, detail

Painted silk, ceramic planets

8'8" x 16" diameter

Subterrain under.JPG
Collett_Ring Rocks 5_detail.jpg
Collett_Ring Rocks.jpg

Subterrain — whole, detail, looking up inside from the floor

Painted silk, ceramic "rocks"

9'4" x 12" diameter


Grove, 3-piece mobile — whole at Fitchburg Art Museum, multi-layered detail

Painted silk

8'2" x 5' wingspan  Each panel rotates and revolves — with enough space between to walk through the grove.

Collett_Danis_RingRocks 1_8x6 300dpi.jpg
Collett_Danis_RingRocks 1_detail.jpg

Ring Rocks 1 — whole, detail.

Painted silk, ceramic "rocks"

7'6" x 9" diameter

Collett-RingRocks 2.jpg
RR2 Bcard.jpg
RR3 Bcard.jpg

Ring Rocks 2 — whole, detail. Ring Rocks 3 from beneath.

Painted silk, ceramic "rocks"

7' x 12" diameter

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